Don’t let anyone BS you.

Sometimes what is working for your friend will not work for you.

Sometimes this amazing product advertised everywhere is not exactly your skin’s cup of tea.

The secret to great glowing skin is to be able to “listen” to your skin.

Your own private skin has it’s own unique need and the might even change with time:

As you get older

Between summer and winter

Along your cycle – We will usually look our best 2 weeks before our next period.

So, any beauty tip or new product you want to try, give it a go for a week or 2, not more.

If it did not do something in a good direction in 2 weeks it won’t suddenly start working after 4 months, it’s a waste of your time.

You got to see a change, maybe the problem won’t be solved completely but you will see it’s going somewhere, which is good.

Or not, which is also good, now you don’t have to spend 4-5 months hoping for something that will never come.

Good luck!

Please help other sisters and share your favorite beauty tip. What are you doing when you want to look your best!