Best Hyperpigmentation Skincare

Good SkinCare beyond hyperpigmentation

Good SkinCare beyond hyperpigmentation

Over the years I’ve realized that my skin can be quite spotless with almost no hyperpigmentation

And still look




Full of whiteheads

Or blackheads


So, what skincare should I use?

First, by all means, if you already found a good skincare regime that works for you. Stick with it, it’s priceless.

But I think there are some things that we, people with hyperpigmentation should pay special attention to when choosing their skin care.

Inflammation is a very important factor in skincare and how your skin looks and it also causes hyperpigmentation so I would go for a skincare which is:

Hypoallergenic – Because allergy is also an individual thing, be sure to test your products before you apply them to your face. 

A good place for testing is the inner part of your elbow, apply the product there and wait for 24 hours, if you see no rash or anything, you are good to go.

non comedogenic – Your skincare should not clog your pores. Because if it will, you will eventually pop them and this will cause inflammation.

Antibacterial – We are exposed to all kinds of bacteria on our face. 

The best thing to do is never to touch your face.

I’ve never succeeded doing that:)

So it’s a good idea to use an antibacterial skincare to avoid inflammation from all kind of dirt and bacteria that might reach your face.

Moisturizing – Dryness can cause inflammation and also flakiness and dulness of skin. Dry skin is a traumatized skin as my beauty therapist friend who has amazing skin is always saying.

PH Balanced – Skin pH is mildly acidic so if you wash your face with water it’s, unfortunately, not the right pH. It’s important for the skin microbiome which is the good bacteria for the skin. Yes, sounds familiar, same as gut health.

Sunscreen – It goes without saying. From pharmacy school I remember the dermatology prof. Saying the sun is the only factor that was proven as causing wrinkles. That was almost 30 years ago but I think this info is still valid.

And of course it countributes a lot to hyperpigmentation so no playing around here. Apply your sunscreen everytime you go out.

Natural – I always prefer natural skin care, real natural. Sadly, I must say most of the so called natural brands contain less than 50% natural ingredients. 

So, what is the skin care brand to support all this ?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it exists yet!

I may make something one day because really, I need it for myself.

Meanwhile, this is what I do and it’s actually quite simple:

  • I hardly exfoliate and when I do, I do it gently and moisturize immediately after.

Exfoliation is basically scratching the skin so it causes lots of inflammation. 

Once or twice a week I use konjac sponge which is very gente but even after this, I moisturize like crazy.

  • Cleansing – Very important, we don’t want residues of sunscreen to live on our skins forever, most brands clog pores and in general are not very good for the skin.

But we do not want to over cleanse and dry our skin. If your skin is normal-oily and you use Beauty Fields pigmentation cream that’s all good, go to the next step.

For dry skin I recommend gentle no-soap such as dove liquid wash for sensitive skin and Cetaphyl.

Or – If you want the natural alternative – just clean with yogurt. I use soy yogurt, just apply a thin layer on your face and wash after 5 min, it does wonders!!!

Good also for the microbiome!!!

  • Moisturize – First keep in mind that moisturizing your skin means does not mean oiing your skin. 

It means locking water in your skin – Hydrating!

Also, it’s very hard to find a moisturizrer that answers to all of the list of requirements at the top of the post and is natural so this is my humble solution until I’ll make something better:

First step is to pat dry your skin, do not towel vigorously to take and drop of moisture out.

Afterwards, I like to moist my face with a mix of  1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts distilled water. I put it in a spray bottle and use everyday. It balances the pH and helps the microbiome to thrive.

Only then apply moisturizer – I use Jojoba oil, just as is, It’s brilliant for all skin types. It’s not greasy and leaves a fine layer that locks the moisture in and protects the skin from all kinds of dirt in the air.

At night, you can also use beauty fields skin lightning cream If you use it only on the spots, you can wait 5 minutes to let the cream sink and only afterwards apply jojoba oil.

During the day – Be sure to wear sunscreen, I should write a whole post about sunscreen one day, for now, I think the cetaphyl one is quite good or make your own. 

Use the guidelines above when choosing your sunscreen – Hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic mainly.  

OK, thank you for sticking with me for so long, it’s a lot to read but when you do it, it’s short, sweet and easy.

Do you have your own recommentations or products you love?

Share the knowledge.