Every beauty therapist will tell you that she can treat your pigmentation, but in order for it not to come back you have to wear sunscreen/hat and in general stay in the sun as less as you can.

I’m all about sunscreen and can tell you that the sun is your skin’s number 1 enemy but:

1. You can’t really hide from it 100% – Impossible. Even if you apply sunscreen every 2 hours (Do you? I don’t!)

2. The sun is great for your mood and smile so some exposure can be good for your general glow. Have some fun in the sun, it’s a thing!

3. Sun is great for vitamin D which many of us have deficiency of.

4. C’mon, we’ve all tried this, you go out of the clinic looking amazing, thinking it’s all behind you and after anything from 2 days to 6 months your pigmentation is all back as it used to be.

So, yes, do your best to protect your skin from the sun but don’t blame yourself or let anybody blame you if it doesn’t work.

This in why no one time treatment or a series of treatments will get rid of pigmentation for life. Unfortunately, nothing will.

I’m not here to frustrate you. It’s just better to know it than to believe something will and spend money in the wrong direction.

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