Top tips for dark underarms

1. It’s more common than you’d think so do not feel bad about it.

2. In bed, he won’t notice 😉

3. Seriously, he won’t!!!

4. Easiest thing you can Try is to change you body soap, use no-soap for sensitive skin. Try different brands until you find what’s best for you. Maybe something for babies.

5. Check for food allergies. Try to omit wheat, sugar and milk for a week and see if there is any improvement if not, try to omit dairy altogether. Then you can add one thing at a time for a few days and see how it goes. If you know what makes it worse you will eat it less.

6. I want it to be clear, I eat everything but not everyday. I think for most people, forever is a long time. Not to eat sugar forever? Mmmm, maybe some people can do this, not me!!! But I do eat much less since I know what it does to my skin.

7. If you are overweight, try to lose some weight. I know it’s not PC and fat can be beautiful but dark underarms can be connected to diabetes or per-diabetes and the best way to cure diabetes is to lose weight.

8. wear cotton shirts and cotton bras.

9. If nothing else works you can use my cream (I think it’s better than the soap for this matter) Every day after shower on dry skin.

10. Everything is good also for dark inner thighs, neck and under boobs.

See a longer article with more explanations:

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