Bruises with essential oils

How to treat bruises with essential oils – suggestions from the web:

Bruises and hematomas can happen because of a fall, a bump to the corner of the table or just the wall, some people can get it from a firm hold or touch. They will usually disappear after a week or 2 and shouldn’t cause too much of a worry but sometimes they can be a symptom for something else.

How bruises are formed?

Underneath the skin we have small blood vessels. When we get hit those vessels can break and bleed but this blood can’t go anywhere because the skin is not wounded so clots are formed and change color and this is the bruise. At first it’s red, then purple-blue-black and afterwards brown-yellow until it cures and disappear.

When should we seek doctors care with bruises?

  1. Size – Bruises are not supposed to grow but to get smaller and heal. If it grows after the first day it could be infected or the bleeding goes on and does not clot or heal.
  2. Time – If the bruise stays longer than 2 weeks or heals and appear again with no reason.
  3. Around the eye – A bruise around the eye can make a long-term damage in some cases, so better check.
  4. Head – If you have hematoma in your head go to the doctor or hopefully, someone will take you there.

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