Aromatherapy Blends

Essential Oils to mix and match. Make aromatherapy blends, explore and enjoy a new world of scents and powerful remedies.


Gardening with essential oils

Gardening with essential oils Insects are drawn to and repelled by certain scents, we all know fruit flies love, well, fruit, especially citruses. Also possums love citruses, especially mandarin. In most cases we will want to repel all sorts of creatures from our precious veggies and plants but sometimes we will want to attract insects …

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Christmas Scents – Festive Essential oil Blends

Christmas Scents – Essential Oils Blends Scent is the most powerful memory trigger, and who does not want to remember Christmas:) Gingerbread in the oven, the smell of a Christmas tree, cinnamon stars and all this Christmas baking. So, if you don’t intend to bake all day long here are some Christmas scents ideas you …

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