Here I explain everything about skin pigmentation, How to treat, how to avoid, what to do, what not to do etc. Feel free to ask question. Happy to answer. Good luck in getting rid of hyperpigmentation.

Should I use the soap or should I use the cream?

The soap is a bit more effective but also somewhat drying. I recommend to start with it, once or twice a day, together with the cream at night to get results fast.

If your skin is oily, use only the soap.

And of course: Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Skincare: What do I believe in and why gentler is actually better.

I think skincare is a kind of art.

Or maybe more like gardening.

A good gardener looks at the plant and decides what he needs.

And it’s different every day.So does our skin change everyday.

Especially if you are a woman.So we need to feed it differently each day, before and after treating. And sometimes instead.

Why laser treatments are doomed to fail?

Can pigmentation be treated and go away? Like forever? I say no, no, no

I don’t believe in those once and for all treatments. Skincare is an ongoing thing, a marathon, not a sprint

So many times women come to me after the spend loads on all kinds of treatments And expensive creams

Sometimes it does work, but not for long…

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