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Natural Hyperpigmentation Treatment Soap

So, you’ve got hyperpigmentation. You have tried EVERYTHING already, spent thousands of dollars on pigmentation treatments, All kinds of. You even thought you made it once only to see it all back in your face after a year or so.

You go to your beauty therapist every month, pay for the treatment, buy all her creams, and apply them religiously.

She keeps telling you that you have to be patient but you? You have no patience. You just want it gone. Gone and away!

You had ENOUGH!!!


I know how you feel because I’ve been there. I worked in pharmacies for over 15 years and tried everything to get rid of my skin spots. I tried any pigmentation treatment/cream/cleanser/scrub I could find but nothing worked!

Have tried also deep peeling, which looking back was quite a stupid idea. One week I couldn’t get out of home because my face were red. One week my skin was kind of nice and afterwards? The party was over, it all came back within 2 months. That was one expensive party!!!

I tried everything on the pharmacy shelves, even went to a dermatologist. Tried hydroquinone, which actually worked but made my skin feel like cardboard. Went religiously to a beauty therapist which drained my bank account but did not help.

Finally, I’ve realized, I’ve got to find something different, something new, something that will be:

  • Natural
  • Reasonably priced
  • Gives fast results
  • Gives a long lasting effect 

I studied homeopathy, naturopathy and herbal medicine. Herbal skincare was always my main interest.

I know, there are other things to solve in this world but hyper pigmentation was my passion.

Having melasma myself made me realize how frustrating this skin condition can be.

Anyway, after a long journey of research and trial and error I made Beauty Fields skin lightening soap and after a few years I made the cream.

What do our customers say about our pigmentation treatment products?


Joanne, Lower Hutt: This product is very effective. My melasma, age spots and their texture have improved in a very short time.
I am in my 60’s with a combination skin that doesn’t require extra moisturising , but am finding after using this soap I need to. However my skin does settle and balance itself out after a few hours.
Highly recommend this product for purpose.”

Anonymous: These soaps smell so fresh. And leave the skin soft. I’m surprised at how fast I see lightening results. Definitely recommend!!”

Ellie, Auckland: “Excellent product, so amazing. Result so obvious even at your first time used, definitely will repurchase very soon, thank you for created this product and proud to made in New Zealand.”

Pashy, Christchurch: Very happy customer My skin is so much more even and consistent in tone and looks so much brighter! I used to have dark patches around my chin which have lightened and I had patches on my cheeks which were different shades that are now almost gone!⁠

⁠ Overall I’m really happy and impressed with this product and I’ll continue to use the cream as part of my night routine


Betsy, New York: “Am amazed by how well this skin lightening treatment works!!! I love that it is all natural. Have tried other kinds of pigmentation treatments, maybe dozen of them, and they damage my skin and don’t lighten. Some contain very harsh chemicals. But this one works and give my skin a beautiful glow.”

Jen, Kaikohe: “I ordered this product and saw results after using only 2 nights. I have bad pigmentation and didn’t want to use anything harsh on my skin – thank you to the lovelyTsahallah for your amazing pigmentation cream. I will definitely be promoting it to other women with the same skin conditions. Very happy customer”

We want to be honest with you


With any pigmentation treatment you choose. It is very unlikely that your pigmentation will be forever gone. You will need maintenance. After achieving your goals you can use our products less religiously. Around 2-3 times a week, maybe even less in the winter.

This is why we keep the price reasonable. We want it to be sustainable and possible maintain your results for life.

Are your products really natural?

As natural as can be!!!

Our actives are calendula and parsley


We add natural base oils ,Lavender Essential Oil and some salt to make the soap.

For the cream we use natural oils, rose essential oil and preservatives: Some alcohol and geogard – These are necessary though not 100% natural but the best option we could find.

And that is all!!!

No Parabens, No fragrance, No nasties!

So… How does this work? When will I see results?

Natural Pigmentation Cream

The soap can be used once or twice a day. It makes a creamy lather which you should wash and apply your favourite moisturizer and during the day: Sunscreen!

If your skin is oily or acnetic you can leave the soap on for a minute or two. No need to leave it longer.

Apply the cream at night after cleansing. Do not use other creams or serums at night.

My customers report seeing a significant change after 2 weeks.

If your skin is extremely oily you may not need the cream and if your skin is extremely dry you may not need the soap but I strongly recommend to use both for the first month.

It’ll give you a good boost and help you decide how to proceed.

Some women like the cream, some the soap, some use the combo. You should always listen to your skin.

When ready, you can switch to maintenance mode and use the cream or soap 2-3 times a week.

Who am I?


Well, thank you for asking:)

My name is Tsahallah and I have a pharmacy degree. Have worked as a pharmacist for more than 15 years.

I was always interested in alternative medicine. Have Studied Homeopathy, naturopathy and experimented a lot especially with herbal skin care which is my main interest mainly because of my own skin issues.

My products are handmade by me in New Zealand.

Effective Pigmentation and Melasma Treatment 

Have you seen dark spots in the mirror? It can make us feel sad. But, there’s hope! We can find ways to make our skin look bright again. There are treatments that help with dark spots, uneven skin tone, or melasma. You do not have to live with it forever.

Are age spots or sun damage bothering you? Don’t worry. We’re going to talk about how to fix that. We had a look at different treatments here. Today we will talk about the easy way to make those spots fade and bring back your skin’s clear and flawless look. Say goodbye to skin troubles and hello to feeling great again.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are effective pigmentation treatment options for addressing issues like hyperpigmentationskin discoloration, and melasma.
  • Understanding the causes of pigmentation is important to minimize its re-occurrence.
  • Natural remedies and herbal medicine can offer alternative solutions for managing pigmentation.
  • Professional treatments, such as laser therapy and chemical peels may provide short-term results but eventually, can do more damage than good for pigmentation removal.
  • Choosing the right treatment for your specific needs and skin type is essential. The easy way can be the best.

Understanding Pigmentation and Its Causes

Pigmentation makes our skin color. But, it can cause uneven shades of brown on our faces AKA hyperpigmentation. This gives us dark spots or freckles.

What is Hyperpigmentation and How Does It Manifest?

Hyperpigmentation means the melanin is not distributed evenly on our skin. Sun, hormone changes, and injuries can cause it.

It looks different for everyone. You might see dark patches and age spots on your face or hands. Redheads get freckles, which is sweet:) For some it’s only on the upper lip and for some it’s the dreaded butterfly mask AKA Pregnancy mask – Some women get this from the birth control pills even without getting pregnant. If it’s you, raise a hand! It’s very common.

Common Triggers for Skin Discoloration

Many things can cause hyperpigmentation. Here are some:

Hormonal changes and Melasma

Hormone shifts can make more melanin. This gives dark spots. Unfortunately, Estrogen is the main suspect here and any woman has estrogen shifts throughout the month from puberty. And bigger shifts while pregnant. Blood Estrogen increases when you are pregnant and then boom decreases at once after labor. It looks like this: 

Estrogen levels during pregnancy. Going up steadily and decreasing sharply after labour

On birth control pills estrogen looks like that:

Estrogen fluctuations month to month along the menstrual cyclr

Less dramatic but more frequent. 

Nobody knows exactly what’s the connection and why estrogen fluctuations cause hyperpigmentation but statistical evidence shows it does. It can’t be a coincidence in younger ages hyperpigmentation is much more common in women.

Estrogen levels change also during a normal cycle but less dramatically.


Your family can make you more likely to get Melasma. It depends on where you’re from.

Yup, look at your aunties and look at your mom. If they have pigmentation and uneven skin tone. You will probably have it too. It’s more common in darker-skinned people.

You shouldn’t envy white people, they are more prone to age spots and wrinkles. Besides, our food is better!

People of mixed ethnicity? My experience shows that they often do inherit the hyperpigmentation gene even if their skin is quite fair.

Sun exposure

Sun exposure can give you a healthy even tan but it’s more likely to amplify existing skin inconsistencies and then in a vicious cycle. Emplify the dark spots even more.

A black car will be warmer than a white car on a hot sunny day. Darker spots tend to get darker under the sun, all of the skin will indeed get tanned but the dark spots will become more prominent and visible.

The sun can also burn the skin and cause inflammation that causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is our body’s attempt to minimize sun damage in terms of skin cancer. Our body doesn’t care for our looks and hyperpigmentation is not any kind of illness. Just mother nature overprotecting us.

Age spots appear later in life because of accumulative sun exposure. It’s important to be cautious with the sun when you are young to delay their occurrence.

Skin injuries

Hurt skin can darken as it heals. This leaves spots. Like a small (Or big) scar. Even if you pop a pimple and think it’ll heal and disappear over time. It sometimes does not. Depends on your genetics and individual sensitivity. 

Of course, the sun will darken it even more. Always remember, your face is usually your most exposed to the sun body part, so wear sunscreen.


I won’t go deep into it but Some medications, like antibiotics, histamine, and many more can cause pigmentation.


As you can see you won’t always be able to detect or control the cause for your pigmentation. It’ll probably be a mix, the sun will almost always be involved. Most of us know more or less when it began, this can give a hint. 

Unfortunately, when you start with it, it sticks to you. Even if the initial trigger is long gone. Say you think your pigmentation is caused by your pregnancy but now the kid is 10 and you still have it!

You can’t and probably do not want to change your feminine hormones. You can try to avoid birth control pills but be careful if you do not want to get pregnant.

Try not to pop your pimples or if you can’t stop yourself, do it with care, my soap can also help with acne and minimize the need to pop it.

I also do not recommend peeling for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation. Peeling makes micro-injuries in the skin and can cause inflammation and we do not want that. Apply yogurt or diluted Apple cider vinegar instead, it’ll do the work gently and safely.

And of course, maybe most important, SPF.

Sun Damage and Its Lasting Effects on Skin Pigmentation

Sun harm is not just big for sun spots and age spots but also any kind of uneven skin tone. Our body tries to protect our skin from UV rays from the sun and make more melanin. This leads to spots and uneven tone.

Being in the sun a lot without protection makes things worse. The UV harm adds up, raising hyperpigmentation risk. It’s much easier to avoid or protect yourself from the sun than to fix its damage.

We need to protect ourselves from sun harm. Use sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF. Wear clothes that cover your skin. Stay in the shade when the sun is strong. This keeps your skin clear and prevents more color changes.

Knowing about pigmentation helps us treat it. We can use daily habits, treatments, or skincare that make our skin brighter.

I put this video here because this lady explains nicely about hyperpigmentation without my accent:) She recommends Dermatologica, I think my products are much better, cheaper and you can expect a visible change within 2 weeks.

Natural Remedies for Managing Pigmentation

I know it’s a bit hard to believe but Natural remedies can help with pigmentation. Not every natural trick you find on TikTok though. I did find a natural solution that doesn’t use harsh chemicals. People hate hyperpigmentation so much and to be honest it is an annoying skin condition, they think that to combat it you need to be very vigorous and choose harsh skin pigmentation treatments. I say these treatments do more harm than good and I’ll explain:

The Problem with most Pigmentation Removal Treatments

The first and most problematic problem is that all the treatments that work have one common and very disturbing side effect – They cause more hyperpigmentation in the long run.

No, I’m not kidding, not at all. Read the little prints and the Consumer Medical Information leaflet.

Very common side effects of Peelings and hydroquinone:

  • It makes your skin more sensitive to sun damage = More pigmentation.
  • It makes your skin red and inflamed due to microinjury, this applies to gentle and vigorous chemical peelings alike.
  • When the skin tries to heal from all of this scratching it creates brown spots, like a small scar, just the same as a cut heals.
  • Even minimal exposure to the sun can make it all come back – I’m all about sunscreen but no one can hide 100% from the sun. If you see it in the little print, it’s there for one reason – To blame you for not being careful enough when it all comes back after even a skin resurfacing treatment that costs you a small fortune.

Beauty therapists, pharmacists, and even dermatologists will say it’s very rare but you have to keep in mind that scientific experiments are done in laboratory conditions, which has no connection to your busy life. You are not a rat in a closed lab, all protected from the sun, you are a woman who’s late to take her kids from kindy or working near a window, maybe you even like to go to the beach sometimes.

In real life, there is no tight protection from the sun. There is only the best you can do and that’s the only thing we can work with.

The other problem is treatments, mostly natural that are just not effective, things like:

  • Turmeric
  • Licorice root
  • Aloe vera
  • Bearberry extract

Well, good luck with that! The good thing is that they are harmless. They’ll make your skin look better but won’t even out your skin tone.

I’m sorry if I disappoint you and take the little hope you still have but you can’t beat liver spots, acne scarring or downright melasma with false hopes.

Beauty Fields – Harnessing the Power of Natural Ingredients

Beauty Fields uses natural ingredients for pigmentation. I make skincare that target pigmentation with nature’s help.

Beauty Fields products include:

  • Calendula
  • Parsley
  • Natural Oils
  • Bees Wax
  • Some Salt
  • Natural preservative for the cream
  • Lavender oil

These ingredients brighten the skin. They fade dark spots and make skin tone even.

I can’t tell you I know how it works, still, it does work. I have a lot of experience with lots of customers by now.

What you should expect is a gradual fading of the spots from outside inwards.

At first, I recommend to most people to use the soap twice a day and at night to it up with the night cream.

This will give you a boost, to start with because no one has a lot of patience until she sees the spots are gone.

And will give you a chance to decide which of them your skin likes most.

For very oily skin with acne – You’d probably not benefit from the cream. You can also leave the soap lather on the face for 30-90 seconds to take care of the pimples. Used moisturizer if needed.

Sunscreen during the day is very important, you don’t want to lighten your skin at night only to darken it with the sun during the day.

After 2 weeks of daily use, you should see a visible change.

Good luck! Let us all know how did it work in the comments.

Patient Testimonials: Real Results from All-Natural Skincare

Happy customers share their experiences. They saw better skin tone and fewer dark spots with Beauty Fields Natural Pigmentation Treatment.

“I wash my face every evening with this product for years. My skin looks bright and clean.”

– Farzi Harel, happy customer

“This product is very effective. My melasma, age spots and their texture have improved in a very short time.
I am in my 60’s with a combination skin that doesn’t require extra moisturising , but am finding after using this soap I need to. However my skin does settle and balance itself out after a few hours.
Highly recommend this product for purpose.”

– Joanne, happy customer

You can see more reviews on the products’ pages.

Top Benefits of Beauty Fields Natural Skincare for Pigmentation

  • Safe and gentle treatment
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  • No harsh chemicals or side effects
  • Promote skin healing and balance
  • Real testimonials showing how well it works
  • Do not peel the skin
  • Do not make your skin even more sensitive to sun damage
  • You can incorporate it into your skincare routine and treat your skin in the comfort of your home

Pigmentation Treatment

There are many ways to treat skin pigmentation problems. These methods aim to make dark spots less visible and even the skin tone. 

Laser therapy is a popular choice for getting rid of pigmentation. It uses laser light to target and fade extra melanin in the skin. This process also boosts collagen. The problem is that it’s very expensive and after 6-12 months the pigmentation is very likely to come back, many times even darker.

There are also cosmetic treatments for pigmentation. Beauticians do these treatments and try to lighten dark spots and make skin color even. Treatments like chemical peels might be suggested based on the pigmentation level. The same problems as with laser resurfacing apply here.

IPL therapy is another way to treat pigmentation without surgery. It uses light to target and fade pigment in the skin. IPL can fix different pigmentation issues and make the skin look clear.


1. What are pigmentation and melasma?

Pigmentation refers to the uneven coloring of the skin. It can involve age spots, dark spots, or freckles. Melasma is a specific type of pigmentation that appears as brown or gray patches on the skin, triggered by hormonal changes in women and sun exposure. 

2. How can pigmentation and melasma be treated?

Treatments for pigmentation and melasma may include options such as laser therapy, chemical peels, IPL, and other harsh treatments. Ongoing, gentle skin treatments and skincare regimens offer a safer approach.

3. What are the common signs of pigmentation and melasma?

Common signs of pigmentation and melasma include uneven skin tone, dark spots, sun spots, and discoloration. These issues can impact the skin’s texture and overall appearance, often indicating sun damage or hormonal changes.

4. What factors can contribute to pigmentation issues?

Pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation can be influenced by a range of factors including sun exposure, skin type, acne scarring, UV damage, and hormonal changes. The main factor we have control over is sun damage, we can minimize sun exposure and use SPF. Another thing we can do is avoid harsh treatments such as peeling and make sure our skin is not dry at all times.

5. How does laser treatment help reduce pigmentation?

Laser treatment targets pigmented areas of the skin, breaking up excess pigment and promoting collagen rejuvenation. This can help reduce pigmentation and overall improve skin tone temporarily. This also causes trauma to the skin that will often manifest more pigmentation in the future.

6. What is the best course of treatment for pigmentation and melasma?

Beauty Fields’ treatment plan for pigmentation and melasma can be done at home, is gentle, and offer a sustainable way to achieve evener skin tone for years to come.


There are many pigmentation treatment choices. People who need help with skin color issues and want to make their skin tone better are willing to pay big money to solve this issue but they need to be cautious.

Vigorous treatments carry the potential for inflammation and this makes pigmentation worse.

Laser therapy and chemical peels can work for dark spots treatment. In the long term though, It’ll all come back especially in case of melasma.

Beauty Fields offers a natural, gentle solution that with sun protection can give you a long-term solution. It’s easy and is part of your skin care routine.