Laser resurfacing – How does it really feel?

Laser resurfacing for hyperpigmentation – Video evidence

I must say I never did Laser resurfacing myself, Looks too scary to me since I saw a friend of mine after laser treatment for hair removal but this was quite some time ago and maybe technologies have improved.

I do know that laser treatments are considered sometimes as the last rescue, or the only thing that works for Skin pigmentation.

It quite disturbs me that on many Laser treatments ads you see the before and after but not anything about what actually happens inbetween. And I’m not talking about the price:)

Just found this brave lady on youtube revealing everything:

And, a year later:

Did you have an experience with Laser treatments? Can you share with us? Do you offer such treatments and can add from your knowledge?

For any skin lightening, inquiries, ideas, questions etc. please comment.

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