I’ve been through laser treatment, why is my pigmentation worse?

I’ve been through laser treatment, why is my pigmentation worse?

Many people find me only after they have tried everything else.

I wish they tried my products first, it could have saved them precious time and lots of money.

Hyperpigmentation did not kill anybody yet but when someone is spending 10 years of his life trying to solve it, I thing it’s sad.

10 years of heavy make up.

Or simply 10 years of discontent with the way you look.

I know you are beautiful anyway, and you should love your hyperpigmentation and you are so lucky not to have cancer instead. Good luck with that!

I love myself and I never loved my facial hyperpigmentation.

And if you came here I guess you don’t like yours too.

So, many people end up paying hounderds and even thousands of dollars for laser treatments.

Go through the process which is very unpleasent.

Go home and stay there for at least a week because their faces look like raw meet.

Afterwards, when they go outside have to protect their skin from the sun, which is very hard anyway. I mean you can only do your best, the sun is everywhere and in some countries, even in the winter.

But after laser resurfacing you pay twice for every ray of sun laying on your skin because your skin is thinner and more sensitive.

The idea behind laser resurfacing

I think each and every one of us had this brilliant idea, to scrub the hyperpigmentation away.

Lovely idea, which is the base to many hyperpigmentation treatments.

Unfortunately, it does not work.


Hyperpigmentation is an excess of melanin production. 

We can “delete” the outer appearance of the skin spots but as long as the excess melanin is produced in an hyperactive way, the spots will come back.

But this is not the worse thing.

When we do laser resurfacing or any kind of peeling! Laser treatment is just the strongest.

The skin heals itself, just like after a scratch or a wound and makes a scab which is a kind of flat scar.

It’s usually pinkish/reddish originally and supposed to fade but with the sun it just becomes darker and darker. The sun likes dark spots and focuses on them. 

Just like a black car will get warmer than a white car on a sunny day.

And guess what?

We can’t really protect ourselves 100% from the sun.

Even if we understand we have to do it, we will always fail. We will do it, say 90% succesfully if we are very strict about it. 

And it won’t be even on our sweet faces. We will always miss a spot.

And the skin is thinner and more sensitive.

So the result is that a year after laser treatment you find yourself again in the same situation.


So, before you choose this path, read the small print, it is absolutely there.

And give beauty Fields a try, so simpler and cheaper.

If you did go through laser treatment in your past please share your experience with us.

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