pigmentation treatment cost

How much does it cost to treat hyperpigmentation?

She paid $2000 to get rid of her hyperpigmentation

I mean, seriously!

She called me a month ago

Asked if my skincare works

She paid $2000

For a 7 month long treatment

In a skincare institute in Auckland

Some beauty Therapy treatments

+ Skincare to use daily at home

Serum, Sunscreen, cleanser and moisturizer.

It’s been already 3 month now

The skin does look better

But regarding the spots,

Nothing to write home about.

I told her right away 

That what did not work for 3 month

Will not suddenly start working in the next 4 months

Who on earth has such a long time to treat his pigmentation?

I mean meanwhile, it’s there isn’t it?

She bought my soap and cream

And after less than a week saw improvement.

Now, I’m not saying the pigmentation 

will fly out of the window in a day.

It is a process and it does take time.

But you better see some improvement rather quickly

Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

Also, for $2000 I guess she was hoping to get rid of the spots for GOOD!

No such thing, sorry.

Hyperpigmentation is many times a hormonal thing

Some women will get rid of it in menopause

Some a few years after the pregnancy

That is, only if they do not get pregnant again

Some only after they stop taking The pill

For others it’s genetic

So what can you do about that now?

Sun damage, inflammation, acne, breakouts

Many times, even if we succeed getting rid of all of the spots

And have a clear spotless face

It’ll only take one summer to get it back again.

And then what?

Start all over again? $2000 

Beauty Fields’ products are reasonably priced

Results are not permanent

But long lasting, around 2-3 weeks

So each time you apply you see the progress and don’t have to start all over again.

It’s recommended to stay away from the sun to extend the results

And save yourself some wrinkles on the way

But if you did not succeed 100%

And it is in some places impossible to succeed 100%

Because the sun is everywhere

And you got to be OCD to apply sunscreen every 2 hours

Every day even if you are just in a sunny room?

Not many people can do it.

Anyway, if the spots rise their heads again

From whatever reason

All you have to do is use the soap or cream again

You do not have to sell your kidney for that.

Anyway, I told her to use the skin care she already has.

I mean, she paid for this so why not.

But, at night, use beauty fields pigmentation cream

And the soap instead of the cleanser

And that’s it, it made all of the difference.

Expensive skincare treatments

Does not mean better results!

What did you try already

In order to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

And how much did this cost?

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