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Essential Oils And PMS PMS is very common in people who menstruare AKA women, according to studies, 3 out of 4 women has it at least to some degree. Short for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. As a woman myself, I must say I do not get the Pre part of PMS. Many woman have those symptoms also…


5 Essential Oil Blends For Winter

Happy on a rainy day – Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Orange essential oils equal parts. Wet Bush Walk – 3 drops Fir Needle, 2 Cypress, 1 Cedarwood Essntial oils. Nice and Cozy – Cinnamon, Orange and Clove Essential Oils Equal parts. Snow flakes – Camphor and Lavender Essential Oils equal parts. Fire Place – Orange, Frankincense…


Do this instead of exfoliation if you have hyperpigmentation

What do I do instead of exfoliating? Exfoliating, like anything that makes your skin red Is not a good idea if you want to get rid of pigmentation. But sometimes your skin does need some polishing. Try this treatment, you can easily do it once in every 1-2 days without the redness. Simple and Gentrle…

How to make body butter/oil so your skin won’t be dry this winter

Day light saving was ages ago That means it’s definitely winter now. And our skin tends to get drier when it’s cold Besides, why not?  It’s always a good time to indulge yourself. So I think it’s a great time to make a body butter So, all you need is: Coconut oil – available in every…

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Easy ways to reduce stress in a minute

We live in stressful times indeed. Covid, people loosing their jobs, no overseas vacations, Sometimes no domestic vacations either, people going around with masks, Our degree of confidence about the future declined drastically. Even when the future is tomorrow or tonight. In general we have less control about our lives. And this is stressful indeed….