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Back Pain

Lower or upper back pain is a very common condition with 90% of the population suffering from it at least occasionally.

Chronic back pain is a back pain that does not stop for 3 months.

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Back pain can be:

Inflammatory – That means there is an inflammation around the spine card

Structural – Changes in the spine because of an injury or sometimes an inflammation that is not treated for a long time and statrd eating the bone the same like in gum disease.

Neurological – Sometimes the problem is in the nervous system. 2 people can have the same X-ray, showing a similar damage to the spine cord. One of them will hardly feel it and the other will be crippled in pain. This is because of higher sensitiveness of the nervous system sending stronger pain signals.

Causes of back pain

Things we can’t control:

  1. Back pain is more common in men than in women.
  2. As we age we are more likely to get back pain.
  3. Tall people get more back pain than short ones. Yipee, sometimes it’s good to be short!

Things we can control:

  1. Too much sitting, also called a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Working too hard, the wrong way – Like heavy lifting wrongly or wearing the wrong shoes.

How to treat back pain

Do not neglect, it can get worse:

Many times chronic back pain issues start small. Maybe it’s a good place to say that this article is not meant to replace your GP. If your problem persists for a long time or starts one day like out of nowhere and is severe, call your clinic and make an appointment. It’s important to know that there is no underlying condition that causes the back pain.

Most GPs, however, will just give you pain killers and anti-inflammatories, which can be good if you can’t move from the pain and also reducing inflammation is good for reducing bone damage.


Mostly, back pain is a call from your body to move more. Make sure you get up from your chair at least every hour. Do stretches. Join the yoga club or look for back pain on youtube. Always listen to your body. Only you know if this yoga teacher or video is good for you, but anyway, any movement is better than nothing.

There is a tendency, when in pain, not to move, or find a position where you can stay and avoid the pain. This won’t solve the problem. Try to move and stretch your spine as much as your body allows you.


Massage, will warm up your muscles and can disperse the inflammation. Especially deep tissue massage. It’s also heaps of fun, so book your appointment today.

When choosing a massage therapist try to find somebody recommended by a friend or someone you know he’s really busy. In New Zealand, a massage therapist does not need any qualification or studies, so it’s good to choose carefully.

Anti-inflammatory massage oil:

When you go to the massage therapist or just let your partner give you a massage, give him this oil:

Add to an empty cup

80 drops wintergreen essential oil

40 drops helichrysum essential oil

60 drops peppermint essential oil

20 drops clove essential oil

Fill the cup to the quarter with almond oil

Mix well and bottle it.

Hope this was helpful. Ask anything or share your tips in the comments.

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