How to make body butter/oil so your skin won’t be dry this winter

Day light saving was ages ago

That means it’s definitely winter now.

And our skin tends to get drier when it’s cold

Besides, why not? 

It’s always a good time to indulge yourself.

So I think it’s a great time

to make a body butter

So, all you need is:

Coconut oil – available in every supermarket today

Olive oil or almond oil

Few drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix 2 parts coconut oil with 1 part Olive oil or sweet almond oil (almond oil has no smell so it is better if you don’t like the olive smell)

Better to heat the coconut oil a bit first, just put it in the hot water cupboard overnight or gently of the stove top, just until it’s a bit tender.

Add a few drops essential oil depends how strong do you want it, I think 10 drops are enough for 100gr)

Start mixing with a spoon and then

use an electric beater, like you make whipped cream.

5-7 minutes and you’re done

It might be a bit liquidy at the start of winter the thicken when we go deeper into it.

put in a jar and enjoy

I like for body butter to use Neroli – Vanilla blend

Ylang – Ylang alone is also good

But if you want to for a congestion balm for the winter

you can put Eucalyptus – Peppermint – Lavender

To warm up your feet use some Cinnamon Leaf

or just any scent you like

So start experimenting and enjoy

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