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Gardening with essential oils

Gardening with essential oils

Insects are drawn to and repelled by certain scents, we all know fruit flies love, well, fruit, especially citruses. Also possums love citruses, especially mandarin.

In most cases we will want to repel all sorts of creatures from our precious veggies and plants but sometimes we will want to attract insects for pollination. Let’s see how essential oils can attract them and how essential oils can repel them.

Essential oils to repel insects

Peppermint – ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, fleas, flies, moths, plant lice and spiders.

Rosemary fleas, flies and cats – If your biggest concern is cats, use this one. A few drops around the plant will do the job. Or, you can plant a rosemary fence around your veggies. It grows wild after it is rooted into the ground, has very low maintenance and is great for cooking.

Clove, tea tree, lavender – These can repel almost anything, especially clove for its strong, long-lasting scent.

Thyme – Ticks, beetles.


DIY: Insect repellent spray

10 drops each of peppermint, rosemary, clove and thyme oils in a 120ml spray bottle full of water. Shake well and spray the plants before dark from the best results.

You can also soak some yarn in the solution and lay it between rows of vegetables in your garden or drop one drop of each essential oil on a cotton ball and put it near a plant, especially potted plants.

DIY: fungus killer

30 drops cinnamon essential oil in a 120ml spray bottle full of water. Spray the plants and soil where the fungus live.

DIY: Pollinator attractor

20 drops each of orange blossom and lavender essential oils in a 120ml spray bottle full of water, spray the plants as needed in season.

Essential oils are a natural substance and won’t harm the plant or the humans spraying it or eating the produce. Essential oils are a great way to take care of your plants. Give them a try, today!


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  1. Hi…I love this idea I hadn’t even thought to use essential oils as a natural pest deterrent!!

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