Lavender Oil

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Lavender Essential Oil

Scent: Spicy, medical.

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Colour: yellow

Note: Top and Middle

Cautions: Do not use in first trimester of pregnancy



Lavender Oil (Lavendula Augustifolia/ Lavandula Officinalis) Lavender Essential Oil

There are 39 species of lavender, but the one known by the scientific name Lavandula officinalis is especially prized for its RICH FRAGRANCE and potency. French Lavender essential oil is considered more potent than Lavender essential oil that is originated from other countries. It takes a smell to understand.

This Lavender oil is derived from Lavandula officinalis is used for various purposes like treating burns, soothing skin irritations and facilitating sleep. Every home should have a bottle of lavender oil.  It’s a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, stimulates cells regeneration, so great for healing wounds and burns and scar prevention.

By far, the most popular and widely used of all essential oils. Almost too good to be true. This herb has a reputation since thousands of years ago and was planted in many monasteries’ gardens. The reason is that its prime action is balancing and normalizing body functions thus, it is soothing, calming and relaxing.

Scent: Spicy, medical, refreshing.

Extraction Method: Steam distillation from the flowers.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria.

Colour: yellow.

Note: top and middle.

Properties: soothing, calming, reassuring.

Chakra: heart.

Caution: do not use in first trimester of pregnancy.

Blends well with: most other essential oils, especially florals, citruses and herbs.

Easy uses of lavender oil

Anxiety – Take a bath with 4 drops or more of lavender.

Baby sleep – Great to add a lavender bath to the sleeping routine of babies, will lead then to sleep easy. You can also add 1 drop to a tablespoon of almond oil or even baby oil and massage your baby to sleep.

Insomnia – 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of orange oil on either sides of your pillow will help you fall a sleep faster.

Skin care – To heal burns, including sunburn and eczema mix 1 tablespoon of apricot oil with 5 drops lavender and 2 drops spearmint and roman chamomile essential oils and apply to the affected area.

Baby rash – massage 1 drop lavender in 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil to the red area instead of baby paste. Good also for cradle cap.

Spiritual lavender

Brings deep relaxation in all levels – body, mind and spirit, promotes compassion and gentleness toward others. Embodies the warm love from mother earth to bring out the best in us all. Letting us know that we are all children of creation and we all have our destiny to fulfil.

Baths: add 5-8 drops to bath
Massages: add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 15 ml (1 tablespoonful) of carrier oil
Vaporisation: add 2-4 drops of essential oils to a burner or aromatherapy diffuser.

100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil suitable for use by therapists and in making cosmetics, candles and soaps and for the home e.g. in oils burners, diffusers, saunas, adding to the bath, etc.

Bottle carries batch number and best before date.

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