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How To Make A Lotion Bar

DIY Lotion Bar

Whenever I go to one of the markets I always check the soaps stall. No market is complete without that.

This one time a lady offered me a lotion bar. It looks like a bar of soap, you melt it a little bit in your hands and voila! it melts and you can use it as a body lotion or hand cream.

To be exact, this is a heavy ointment. Especially good in winter time which can be any day somewhere in New Zealand or in these rare occasions that you manage to get your skin burnt in the sun because you did not apply sunblock.

So, what will you need:

2 parts oil – Can be olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, apricot kernel, You can use some evening primrose or rose hip. I think it will work with canola oil but I never tried. I like to mix 2 kinds at least.

1 part beeswax

Essential oils (Optional) – I love adding some essential oil because then the scent goes with me everywhere. I just wouldn’t put cinnamon bark and be cautious with cinnamon leaf and clove, they can burn or itch. All the other oils are fine with me but you’ll have to check it on your skin, I don’t think I’m very sensitive after all these years working with essential oils.

Mix beeswax and oils (not essential oils) together and heat in a double pot until the beeswax is melted. Pour into muffin molds or into an empty, clean carton milk container and wait.

If you have no patience you can put your lotion bar in the fridge or freezer. I like to add the essential oils after it has all cooled down a bit, like maybe 30-40 degrees.

That’s it, ready. You can use it, sell it, give it as a gift:)

Your lotion bar is good as a massage bar too, just saying.

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of essential oil inquiries and tell us what your favourite uses for essential oils are!

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