3 misconceptions about liver spots

liver spots

The truth about liver spots

Myth: Liver spots are a sign of liver damage.

Nop, not at all. It’s not clear where this name came from but you can have a great liver and still have liver spots.

Myth: Liver spots are an aging thing.

Only indirecty, age spots have to do more with sun exposure than with your actual age. Of course, the more time you live under the sun you get more exposed but you can minimize it still. It is to some extent up to you.

Myth: You can’t treat age spots, they came to stay

There are many ways to treat liver spots. One way is to freeze the top layer of the skin (don’t try at home). Once your body regenerates the dad skin you are supposed to be blemish free, did not try it myself so not too sure about it. Another way is laser treatment, this is not an easy tratment but with age spots, not like melasma, results are more permanent. Chemical peels are also an option and even liquid nitrogen. There are also all kind of creams and soap, some of them contain harsh chemicals.

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