How to make your car smell nice with essential oils

How to make your car smell nice Naturally with essential oilsair freshener with essential oils

Well, we all spend some of our time in our car and some of us want to to smell nice.

SO, how to diffuse essential oils in our car?

Lighting a candle will probably not be a good idea.

SO, what can you do?

Cotton balls

Just drop some essential oil onto a cotton ball, put it on the dashboard, on the seat next to you or hang it with a string like the little pine trees.

You’ll have to do it at the beginning of every drive probably but a few drops will be enough for a long drive, as long as the windows are closed.

Coconut oil

Put some coconut oil in a small jar and mix with a few drops of essential oil.

It will be coconuty so if you hate coconut, don’t do it.

The thing with coconut oil is that it becomes more liquid as it warms up so on a cold day, you can use the heater in your car and the smell will get stronger a the car gets warmer. Nice!

Just find a stable place for it will you?

Pine tree (The lazy option)

Just use an old Pine tree that has lost all it’s scent and put a drop or 2of essential oil on it.

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