Back to basics: Milk and Honey all natural hydrating mask

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DIY Milk and Honey all natural hydrating mask

Cleopatra knew it so why won’t we all.

Milk is great for gentle exfoliating, so gentle it’s good also for acne prone skin.

I love to use raw milk or even better, raw yogurt.

Milk is more comfortable and less messy though.

Honey is very hydrating, again, raw is the best.

together milk and honey make a great hydrating mask.

You can mix them together, I find it too complicated

but you can do it with a little whisk

very tiny, you only need 1 spoon of each.

The one you can use for coffee.

Or you’ll have to heat the honey a little bit in a double boiler

beware to not over do it.

I like to use this Hydrating mask in 2 phases:

First the milk or yogurt for cleaning, 5-20 minutes will do.

Afterwards I apply the honey, quite sticky but worth it.

Good luck everyone, you’ll thank me when you look in the mirror:)

Leave a comment down here with all your skin lightening inquiries and feedback, we are curious!

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