How to make bath salts with essential oils

Bath salts with essential oils

Bath salts is probably the easiest DIY, ever…

All you have to do is mix:

3 cups epsom salt

1.5 cups sea salt – any will do, I prefer fine sea salt because it dissolves faster but you can use coarse. Any salt will do, pink, white, black – play with the colors.

1/2 a cup baking soda to make the water a bit basic. Later on, in the bath, you can add some vinegar to the bath to add some sizzle:)

20-50 drops essential oils to your liking or according to season or situation. When sick maybe prefer Eucalyptus, in the summer – citrus, maybe a morning blend? Or maybe you want to go to sleep? or your favourite romantic blend or whatevery you like.

Pot pouri if you like (I don’t, too messy)

While in bath you can add some olive oil if your skin is dry – 1-2 Tbsp.

Now just find a lovely jar or bag if you want to give it as a gift ot pop in the bath and pamper yourself:)


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