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Easy blending of essential oils

If you want to experience new fragrances you can simply blend what you have at home. You can just experiment, worst case scenario, you won’t like the scent, it’s not the end of the world.

But there are some groups of essential oils that go good together and minimize your chance of glorious failure. So to just make your life a bit easier you can use this diagram:

Easy blending of essential oils

Each circle mixes well between itself. That means citruses go well together, florals go well together etc.

And each group mixes well with the group it is connected to:

Wood goes well with HerbPatchouli with spearmint.

Wood goes well with Spicecedarwood with anise.

Herb goes well with citrusBergamot and peppermint.

Spice goes well with resincamphor with cinnamon.

Floral goes well with woodgeranium with eucalyptus.

Citrus goes well with spiceorange with nutmeg.

Floral goes well with spiceneroli with myrtle.

Floral goes well with citruslavender with lime.

Floral goes well with resinchamomile with frankincense.

I recommend to start with only 2 oils and play with the ratios. For example mix equal parts ot lavender and lime, if it’s too lemony add some lavender. If it’s too lavendery add some lime. It’s best to start simple.

I love mixing essential oils because it’s never boring and always nice even if it’s a “disaster”. Hoe bad can it be?

Enjoy your blending and let me know which combinations work best for you.

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