The big girls’ guide to looking fab!

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Looking Fab

The big girls’ Guide


Looking Fab and Flawless!!!

Author: Tsahallah Dror – Herbal skincare expert and beauty researcher.



What is this guide about?

This book is about how to keep your skin glowing and your body fit with the smallest effort. I know, you are busy and frankly, I think life are too short to be spent at the gym, kitchen or beauty saloon. Sure, you can do it, won’t do you any harm but this guide is about shortcuts.

I used to struggle a lot with these issues, spent a lot of time researching until I found these tricks. I don’t want you to waste your time like me. It’s my job after all but I believe you have better things to do. So what you get here is very much the bottom line and the to do list.

Not all people were made equal, especially about skin care so some things you will have to test for yourself. Still the fundamentals are quite universal especially over 40 but hopefully you start earlier. Good skin care at any ages, will save your future skin.

Nobody’s perfect – Just do what you can, baby steps are great. It’s not all or nothing, everything you do counts and will be rewarded when you look in the mirror.

Disclaimer: All I write in this book is the fruit of a life time trial and error. I don’t have a diploma from any university about looking FAB. What I do have, is a pharmacy diploma and work experience as a pharmacist for almost 2 decades. I believe that at least to some degree your skin is a mirror of your heath so my education do come handy but above all, please treat this book as advice from a friend you trust. Questions and remarks are always welcome in the comments.

So let’s start….



The big No Nos

1. No smoking

If you still smoke, god only knows why, it might help you to know cigarettes will not only give you lung cancer/heart attack/stroke and other troubles.

Smokes are meaner then this.

Smoking makes your skin kind of yellow and more than that, smokes will give you wrinkles way before they will give you lung cancer.

Especially around your mouth and eyes.

By all means, do whatever it takes to stop or at least lower your consumption.
I very much recommend Alan Karr’s book, The easy way to stop smoking.

2. No Sun (Well, almost)

Not everything in the newspaper is true but you better believe this one. Wear a wide brim hat as you can and if possible don’t go out in the sunny hours. Does not sound like much fun I know. If you choose to apply sunscreen you better know that you have to apply it at least once every 2 hours. You must protect yourself from the sun at all times if you want less wrinkles and age spots. Especially your face and hands.

Note: You do need some sun on your skin for good health, especially about vitamin D. But your face skin is thinner and the area is quite small so the contribution for vitamin D is neglectable. So limit sun exposure for your face but do expose your body now and then. The exact time depends on where you are, time of the year and skin color. Alternatively, you can take Vitamin D pills.



So, what should you do to look younger?

1. Exercise

I probably had to leave it to the end and write in very small letters but I think you deserve to know the truth. There is no escape from exercising if you want to look and feel good after 40. It’s good to exercise at any age of course but after 40 it’s crucial. We were simply not built to sit all day and some things you can get away with when younger after 40 you can’t escape anymore.

It’s good for your looks but also for your mood and overall health.

But hey, this does not mean you have to win the Triathlon.

The good news are that 10-20 minutes every other day can be enough if you do it right.

You just have to move your body, so many of us these days ar working in front of computers and hardly move during working hours. Also after working hours we don’t move that much. Do we?

10-20min of interval training, Tabata, metabolic training or anything that can make you sweat will do good, not only to your looks but also to your mood. It won’t make you get back into your highschool jeans but it will make your blood run and make you feel and look better. The lactic acid in your sweat will clean your skin from within. You can apply a yogurt mask on your face, yogurt contains lactic acid too but it’ll reach only the outer layer of your skin. When you excercise the sweat comes from within so goes through all the skin layers.

It will improve your blood flow, bring some color to your cheeks and make you feel more energetic.

Please consult your doctor before starting.

This is what some beautiful woman have to say about exercise:

It won’t be easy at first but you’ll get better fast. Just as long as you do it. You will be amazed!

My advice: do it first thing in the morning. It will change your day you will get rid of it Frankly, are you going to exercise after 8 hours working? I mean, will you really? That being said, after you get used to it, you can just do it any time, now I can’t let a day go by without working out (accept the heavy days of my period, women rights!)

I hated workout all my life untill I found YouTube. I love to do a different workout everyday and you have there such a big variety of exercises for different levels and at different lengths, I just never get bored. It also saves me time. Now I’m absolutely a workout addict. I believe that if you did not fall in love with moving your body it’s just because you did not find the right workout style for you. Try yoga, try dance, walk if you want to, something must work. See what works for you. Do not give up!


2. Nutrition

Well, I must say, this is a tricky one. It’s not easy to eat healthy these days. You have to give it a lot of effort. Disinformation is all round us, and of course unhealthy yummy food.

Once, long ago I followed the menus of you are what you eat by Dr. Gillian McKeith and honestly, my skin never looked better. She is vegan but not only vegan. You can be vegan and eat junk whole day long. I remember plenty of vegetables in all forms and shapes. Lot’s of cooking, no frying, sugar, gluten or anything you may just think is unhealthy.

Well, that was great but after 3 month I couldn’t go on with it. Too much hassle and too many things I had to give up. More than this, it did not solve my main health problem which is Anemia.

Nowadays, I stick to plant-based as much as I can, I truly believe that a plant-based diet is the best for most of us today. some meat is OK if you have to but most of the plate should be plants.

Milk, often is not good for you. I recommend to anyone to avoid milk for a week, look in the mirror, you’ll probably like what you see and then drink milk and look again even after an hour. The difference can be very visible. Must say that scientific research is not clear about this, some say milk is actually good for you but this simple test will give you the right answer for your body. You can try it with every food you think gives you troubles, after a week you should see a change.

For instance, if you have acne and suspect that fried food makes it worse, stop eating it for a week and judge for yourself!

I think that when you want to find out the best nutrition for you. You first have to find your weakness. What do you want to get rid of?  Maybe you have frequent headaches, anemia, diabetes or pre diabetic blood tests, high blood pressure, skin rush, eczema, hormonal acne etc.

Your nutrition have to address your health issues

It’s not only your skin that counts. If you are tired all the time, having headaches or depressed it shows. You have to eat only what makes you happy.

With that said I do think Sugar never did any good to anyone’s health.

I know, it’s hard, I’m an addict myself. Just do your best.  Sugar is a kind of addiction, after not eating sugar for a few days the craving is not so bad, you just have to decide. (And check all the food labels because sugar is literally, everywhere.)

White flour is the same as sugar for this matter, sorry! Do your test!

Fruit and veggies are your best friends. Even though many fruit and veggies these days are GMO or not organic but still I think the benefits are greater than the damage in this case.

3 apples a day will do wonders to your lips. Try that!

Whatever happens don’t give up. It’s not all or nothing. Any progress is good.

Hope I didn’t confuse anyone. There are so many nutritional theories these days. It’s very hard to choose. I think the key is to find a nutritional path that’s good for you and that you can stick to it for life (Give or take a day or two:).

I shared what’s good for me, feel free to share what’s good for you in the comments.

A word about paleo: It’s very popular today and in general brings great fast results especially of weight loss but I think it’s not a good idea for the long run and the scientific research agrees with that. The prehistoric man never had so much meat to eat and did not live very long anyway, his life was so different from ours. We can’t learn much from him if you ask me.



3. Face Gym – Better than a face lift

Well, this is a top-secret tip. I didn’t know it myself until recently but now I’m hooked.

It’s quite logical. Why to exercise only from the neck downwards when eventually people mainly see our face?

You’ll probably not have to do it until your late 30’s but this time will come when you feel your face is changing. Sagging jaws, wider nose and wrinkles will all look better if you will do these exercises.

The good news are that out facial muscles are small, thus easy to build.

The bad news are that you will have to make funny faces like this:

Face yoga

Called also face yoga.

There are books and videos, just google it!


4. Skin care

This quite an individual issue. The perfect regimen for you varies according to your skin type. I’ll just give some guide lines and ideas.

  • Do it as naturally as you can. Read carefully the ingredients on your products.
  • You can find amazing beauty products in your kitchen. Almost any fruit or veggie you eat will do good to your face. Use all the skins you peel from your fruit and veggies as face masks. Mango, cucumber, strawberry in season, tomato scrap. Half a grape massaged all over your face or garlic (especially good for acne. Yogurt and milk are also great. Even eggs, egg white on clean face is amazing for acne. I know it’s not so nice but in case of bad acne people do all sorts of things. Been there, done that.
  • Exfoliate – But do it gently, twice a week. I like to keep ground oatmeal in a jar in my bathroom. It’s the best and cheapest gentle exfoliation exists. Just put some in your hand, add some water and exfoliate. Leave it on for a while and wash. Oatmeal is great for your skin. Another good idea is to use a shaving brush.If your skin is dry, you can put some olive oil on your shaving brush.

Exfoliating Brush

Do not exfoliate if you have active acne – I know it’s very tempting to exfoliate all of this acne away but it simply does not work this way. Exfoliation will only make your acne worse. You better use peel off, you can mix a spoonful of gelatin with a spoon of lukewarm milk to form a paste. Apply to your face, wait 5 minutes until it hardens and peel of. Will take all your blackheads, white heads and other kind of heads away.

  • Cleanse – If you are over 40 or your skin is dry you can cleanse even only with water. If your skin is oily you can use natural soap bar. For normal skin I think facial toner is the best, just mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 3 parts water, make just enough for a week or 2 then make again. Do not use store-bought toners as they are full of chemicals. Cleanse twice a day, morning and evening. Also listen to your skin; if it’s too dry you can always use soap only once a day, dilute the apple cider more or the other way around.
  • Moisturize – Dry skin is a skin in stress, just like dry leather. Keep your skin moisturized at all times. Commercial moisturizers do feel very nice on the skin but are usually full of chemicals. Try to pick the natural ones.
  • Prevent broken capillaries – In the cold countries when it gets under 0° apply olive oil to your skin to protect it when outside. Also if you work in harsh weather like winds.



6. Sleep

Well, the first thing is that you do have to get your 8 hours beauty sleep every day. Don’t make up for it in the weekend. Just try to set a routine. And make sure that your pillowcase is clean and if you can get it, use a silk pillowcase.


Well, while you sleep your body and your skin regenerate themselves 30% quicker than during the day.

It’s a break from the pollution outside in the traffic, working places, smoking if you still do it etc.

Silk tends to leave less marks and wrinkles on your face than cotton.


7. Hyperpigmentation

Studies show that skin pigmentation can change your perceived age by 10-20 years younger or older.

In other words, nothing ages you more than hyperpigmentation.

But this guide is getting too long, will continue tomorrow in the next email.


For any skin lightening, inquiries, ideas, questions etc. please comment.

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Love you all,


The end

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