Dark underarms

Dark underarms? How to treat and how to prevent.

At least once a day, and sometimes 10 times a day people ask me if Beauty Fields hyperpigmentation products will help lighten dark underarms?

img-3I want to answer this question once and for all properly.

The short answer is yes, it will help dark underarms and certainly speed up the lightening process.

If you look for a quick fix: Get some rice flour

Add just enough water to form a paste

Apply to your underarms

Leave on for 10-15 min


And tell in the comments!

And here is the long answer:

Dark underarms and dark skin folds are not the same as facial pigmentation

Not exactly the same to be exact…

Still in involves melanin production and this is why my pigmentation products will work but they have different causes and different solutions.

In general, facial pigmentation is more “cosmetic” as much as no one likes it, it’s almost normal.

Dark underarm can be a sign of a more serious condition: Allergy and sensitivity in the good case or pre-diabetic condition. It’s our skin’s way to warn us about it.

Facial pigmentation

Facial hyperpigmentation, sometimes called melasma, is caused by hormones, especially feminine hormones mainly during pregnancy or as a results of oral contraceptives

Another cause is inflammation – Skin inflammation is triggered by almost anything: popping pimples, peeling, hot water, sunburn etc. It’s very hard to avoid, this is why at a certain age all of us have some hyperpigmentation and our skin tone is not even.

On top of this we have the sun. If you have any kind of darkening in the skin, the sun will focus on it and make it darker just like a black car will get warmer on a sunny day than a white car.

So if you use our products or any skin lightening products that work and protect your skin from the sun you will get good results.

To sum it up: Living in this world with our sun and our so so ozone layer and for women especially – Those crazy hormones – Facial hyperpigmentation is almost inevitable. It’s only a matter of how much and at what age will you get it.

Dark underarms and skin folds

Dark underarms and skin folds such as inner thighs, under boobs and also elbows and neck are usually darker than facial pigmentation even though they are less exposed to the sun.

This pigmentation is harmless by itself but more connected to our health condition and a sorts of allergies as detailed below.

It’s a very common condition and as many things, it’s more common as we age.

If you are someone of color, you have a higher chance to have dark armpits at a younger age. Sorry, it is how it is. Chances for less wrinkles though:)

There are 4 main causes for this:

1.       Diabetes and obesity

2.       Allergies to soaps, deodorants and skin care products and also hair removal.

3.       Food allergies

4.       dryness

Also, it’s important to differentiate, if it’s red and itchy, it might be fungal infection, which is a totally different thing that is also common in the skin folds.

Diabetes and obesity

Insulin increases melanin production and this causes pigmentation. Together with the friction in the underarms and other skin folds you will get areas of hyperpigmentation.

If you are obese or have diabetes your body produces more insulin so you’ll get more darkening.

What to do? Losing weight is not easy but sometimes dark underarms are a good motivator + It’s really good for your heath too.

If you go to the doctor to check your blood sugar levels which is very much recommended especially if you’ve got those skin spots at a later age or anyway, if you are over 40 it’s probably a good idea ask your doctor to check your blood sugar levels.

Some doctors will tell you everything is OK until your diabetes is so bad they can give you a drug prescription for this.

But diabetes does not start in a day, diabetes is a chronic condition and insulin resistance develops gradually years before you are officially diabetic so do ask your doctor if you are peri-diabetic or if your blood sugar levels are higher than your last check.

Sometimes skin issues are a warning sign, if you see that if you lose weight you see an improvement in the spots, you are in the right direction.

You can also use Beauty Fields hyperpigmentation soap and cream, it’ll help for the short-term so you’ll probably have to use it daily since the underlying cause is still there.

Or, maybe you are lucky, check the other causes too:

Allergies to soaps, deodorants and skincare products

Many times it’s just allergy to things you apply to your skin so in this case, try to change them and see if it helps:

If only the underarms are dark – Try not to use deodorant for a few days, if it helps, keep going or change to something more natural. If there is fragrance in the ingredients, even if last – Beware.

Hair removal – Shaving, threading and waxing can really irritate the sensitive area of the armpits. This kind of hyperpigmentation is also very common in the upper lip (Moustache) area. You can try to change the products you use but also be sure to use aloe vera cream or something relaxing afterwards. You can try aloe vera gel but I think cream is better. pure Lavender oil can help too. This irritation causes inflammation which leads to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Sad, I know!

For the body – change your soap, remember that also natural soaps can cause allergies and dryness. I find Dove sensitive skin body wash, it’s recommended by dermatologists, not very expensive and available almost anywhere. Also here, fragrance is not recommended in any soap you choose.

Worth a try, see if it helps you. Meanwhile, you can use our cream to speed results.

Food allergies

It can be almost anything but for the most part, carbs and milk are the main suspects. Of course you may not have food allergy but it is worth checking.

It might be hard to avoid your favourite foods but it’s only for a week, after a week, if this is what makes your armpits dark, at least you will know.

This is a big motivator!!!

Milk – For some of us it’ll be only milk, for the others it’ll be dairy altogether. Try to avoid all dairy for a week, see if it helps. If it does, you can try to eat butter for a day or two, if all good, you can try hard cheese and then yogurt. Give each stage at least 2 days and see if the spots get better or worse. If worse, it’s probaby a good idea to find substitutes.

Carbs – Again, for some of us it’ll be only wheat, for some gluten and for some carbs altogether. Here I think it’s better to start with avoiding gluten for 2 weeks. Eat rice instead of bread and read labels. See if there is any improvement, is so, keep going and add some non-wheat breads, if OK, keep going, if not – back to stage 1.

If gluten-free does not affect your spots so or it’s not your problem or you have to try carb free – It’s not for the fainted hearted but you can give it a go and see what happens.

Also here, you can use our natural pigmentation products to speed things up or save them for those tomes when you can’t resist ice cream in a cone – Happens to all of us, really:)

Still it’s important that you know what triggers your pigmentation. If it won’t stop you from eating what’s bad for you, at least you can lower the amounts.


I’ve put this cause last because by itself I’m not sure how much impact will it have but it’s always good to moisturize these areas to lower friction. Not so much the underarms but more the groin, under boobs and elbows.

I recommend unrefined organic coconut oil for this because it’s gentle and does not cause allergies unless of course if you are allergic to coconuts.

If you use our soap you can moisturize with coconut oi to avoid friction and dryness if the treated area.

To sum it up…

There are many causes to underarms and skin folds darkening and we can take steps that will do good to our health too.

Our skin can warn us about changes we should do in nourishing and taking care of ourselves – We should do our best to listen to it.

Some changes are harder than others. Please let me know what worked for you in the comments below

Top tips for dark underarms

  1. It’s more common than you’d think so do not feel bad about it.
  2. In bed, he won’t notice 😉
  3. Seriously, he won’t!!!
  4. Easiest thing you can Try is to change you body soap, use no-soap for sensitive skin. Try different brands until you find what’s best for you. Maybe something for babies.
  5. Check for food allergies. Try to omit wheat, sugar and milk for a week and see if there is any improvement if not, try to omit dairy altogether. Then you can add one thing at a time for a few days and see how it goes. If you know what makes it worse you will eat it less.
  6. I want it to be clear, I eat everything but not everyday. I think for most people, forever is a long time. Not to eat sugar forever? Mmmm, maybe some people can do this, not me!!! But I do eat much less since I know what it does to my skin.
  7. If you are overweight, try to lose some weight. I know it’s not PC and fat can be beautiful but dark underarms can be connected to diabetes or per-diabetes and the best way to cure diabetes is to lose weight.
  8. Wear cotton shirts and cotton bras.
  9. If nothing else works you can use my cream (I think it’s better than the soap for this matter) Every day after shower on dry skin.
  10. Everything is good also for dark inner thighs, neck and under boobs.

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