Can you get rid of hyperpigmentation permanently?

Say, if you pay $1000-2000 for a laser treatment or a series of treatments at the beauty clinic. Can you get rid of this for good?

Well, I’m sorry to be a party pooper but no, it’s practically impossible.

But I’m happy to tell the truth, because only with the truth you can actually win. Not with false advertising.

In the good case, 6 month after you stop treating, it’s all back.

I get all the times phone calls from desperate woman who paid so much believing it’s a once and for all thing and are very disappointment to find them selves back where they have started.

If you will ask the beauty clinic or the fancy place you are going to boldly: Will it be gone for good? They will not give you a straight answer. In the good case they will tell you that you need maintenance and this means to use their very expensive products for life!!!

Just take this into account. It’s not a one time expense.

Skincare in general is not a one time thing, let alone pigmentation.

Our skin regenerates itself each month but still remembers our age, our hormones, our genetics which make together our hyperpigmentation.

This is why the best solution the fastest but the long term one.

One that you can proceed with for a long time also financially.

One that you can do at home as part as your skincare regimen and not waste time and money at the beauty saloon.

One that works!

We offer such a solution which is affordable, safe, natural and simple at the convenience of your home.

Give it a try for a fraction of the price of any other option.

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