How to lighten your skin spots at home today.

It takes only one ingredint!

Skin lightening with rice flour. Looks amazing. You must give it a try:):

This is simply amazing and quite simple

though also a little bit messy.

Just mix rice flour with just enough water to form a paste.

Apply to your skin and leave on for 20 minutes.

Wash and see the results


You can also do it on one hand only and see the difference immediately.

Maybe a good idea to try first on your hand to see if you like the results because it’s kind of matt white

Results hold for 12 hours at least.

If you want a more moderate effect, you can try rice water: Boil some rice in lots of water for 5-10min, let cool and apply.

Another something nice to try is soy yogurt (I used homemade but any natural one will do) or even soy milk – I used store bought. Not so much for pigmentation treatment but it makes the skin smooth and nice.

Do not try these vinegar, lemon recipes from the internet, they do not work!!! Will make your skin red and thin, believe me, I’ve tried!!


Leave a comment down here with all your pigmentation inquiries and feedback, we are curious!

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