Beauty Fields – Natural Skin Lightening Soap Ingredients

Beauty Fields – Natural Skin Lightening Soap Ingredients

Today, I want to explain what does natural really mean to us.

So many times we see online or in shops cosmetics products that pretend to be natural. That means that they can legally advertise themselves as natural. In reality, anyone can write “natural” or even “organic” on his cosmetics products even if it’s simply pure vaseline. Most companies will do the effort and add a herbal ingredient to justify their claims.

So, here’s a list of our skin lightening soap ingredients, simple and clear:

Extra virgin olive oil – Very conditioning, high in antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols.

Coconut oil – Cleansing and hardening, so the soap can go a longer way. Makes great stable bubbly lather.

RSPO Palm Oil – Helps to harden the soap bar and makes nice lather together with coconut oil. We use sustainable palm oil.

Castor Oil – Draws moisture to the skin and creates a rich creamy lather with stable bubbles. This helps to make it possible to leave the lather on for 1-2 min – Not more please, sometimes even a good thing can be too much, we do not want to dry our skin out.

Lavender Essential Oil – Scents the soap and is very calming for the skin.

Sea Salt – Hardens the bar.

Calendula – Used for many skin conditions, moisturizing and healing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Parsley – Not very famous for treating skin conditions but contains more vitamin C than orange, much more per gram. Contains also lots of vitamin K.

That is all – when we say 100% natural this is just what we mean.

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