Hyperpigmentation skin care

How and why did I create my hyperpigmentation Skin care

How and why did I create my hyperpigmentation Skin care

I always say, look at my products and know who I am. I never developed any soap or cream that I didn’t really need for myself or for my family. My first products were my hyperpigmentation Skin care. They were developed originally only for myself after quite a long journey. Here you can read my story.

Very Long ago, I was a teenager

And looking back it was definitely one of the worst periods of my life. I had pimples all over my face and tried to get rid of them in any possible way. I remember alcohol (topically), hyprogen peroxide and toothpaste. I went to a beauty therapist, several beauty therapist really. Spent a lot of my parents’ money on it. Tried also some natural masks as egg yolk mask after cleaning my face with some vodka. This really helped but only temporarily and it’s not easy to do every day, so I stopped! I went also to a dermatoogist who prescribed Alpha hydroxy acid and tretinoin. Didn’t see much results except that my face became red. Back then, I lived in Israel, where it’s almost impossible to stay away from the sun. Sun with alpha hydroxy acid is a very bad idea. Now, when I think of it it’s funny, because conventional medicine uses the same chemicals for acne and hyperpigmentation skin care and these chemicals hadn’t change for more than 20 years even though they do not realy work.

Finally I found the solution…

I started to take hormonal treatment with a doctor prescription. This really worked. But the minute I stopped taking those pills the pimples came back again just as before. Meanwhile I started studying pharmacy and decided to quit medicines as much as I can, I was looking for a more natural way to treat my skin problems.

Luckily at the same time I made as a part of my study Geranium cream

This cream helped heaps with my acne. I was amazed by the power of plants. Couldn’t believe it actually works. And it’s all natural. I used one jar and the acne was gone. Frankly, now I’m not sure. It may be that finally at 25 I finished my teenage years and my hormones were finally stabilized. At the time, anyway I was sure it’s the cream.

OK, acne was gone but I was left with severe Hyperpigmentation.

At least now I knew you can do miracles with plants. I didn’t just believe it, I really knew. Hope you understand the difference. So I started reading and studying anything I could about hyperpigmentation natural treatments. Made many experiments, it was not easy but finally succeeded making something that works. Since then I improved it a lot untill I had my own, personal hyperpigmentation skin care.

On the next email: Why peeling does not really lighten your skin or treat hyperpigmentation and what does.

how did I developed me skin whitening soap and creAM

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