Aromatherapy for kids insider tips

Aromatherapy for kids

Aromatherapy is a new approach to well-being and via using essential oils.

Oils in aromatherapy have soothing effect on the physical body, thoughts and heart.

A mild hug, smile or a kiss are forms of connection, bonding in between the parent and the kid. A loving nurturing touch of massage therapy on the feet, arms, hands, back, abdominal area as well as legs is healing for both the kid, moms and dads.

Infants at 6 weeks of age can identify their mom’s aroma. essential oils have distinctive composition establishing the scent, colour, as well as impact on our body.

Here are some kids friendly common essential oils.

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of essential oil inquiries and tell us what your favourite uses for essential oils are!

Aromatherapy for kids

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