DIY – Oatmeal body scrub for a happy skin

oatmeal body scrub

Oatmeal body scrub recipe with variations

Half a cup ground oatmeal (You can skip the grinding if you want it even gentler)
Half a cup raw sugar (Omit the sugar if you want a face scrub, double the amount of oatmeal instead)
One cup coconut oil
Two tablespoons olive oil

After using the scrub, you can leave it on for a while.  Than you can scrub the oatmeal out and leave the oils on. Wash with water and pat dry if needed. Oatmeal is very nourishing for your skin and so are coconut and olive oil.


Mmmmm, yummy, so, how was it for you?

Remember to never scrub if you have active acne or any skin inflammation.

Gentle scrub in general is good for the last finish. It won’t erase things from your face. Sorry!

Use this oatmeal body scrub twice a week for a happy gorgeous looking skin.

You can add a few drops of essential oil to your liking to the body scrub. If you intend to use it on your face do not add essential oils.

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