Natural Hyperpigmentation SkinCare

Natural HyperPigmentation SkinCare

Discover the Secret of Natural Hyperpigmentation Skin Care by Beauty Fields!

HandMade in New Zealand

Sun and hyperpigmentation
Most common hyperpigmentation conditions
Beauty Fields skin hyperpigmentation care – instructions for use

Sun and hyperpigmentation

Dark spots can appear on your skin at any age and for various reasons We all have skin cells named monocytes that produce a substance called melanin and this is what makes skin color, our pigment. The pigments are actually produced in order to protect our skin from the sun. When we have too much melanin we can see our hyperpigmentation. One of the main causes of hyperpigmentation is exposure to sun but there are other causes that can add to it: medication, hormonal changes, acne and even epilation. Only when the sun tan fades you can clearly see the spots (and wrinkles!). Skin lightening products can help. It’s very important to choose a safe and natural brand because harsh chemicals are often used for this condition.

Beauty Fields’ skin lightening products are 100% natural and safe to use. They are made in New Zealand from plants and oils.

Most common hyperpigmentation conditions

One hyperpigmentation condition is acne scars; people with darker skin are more prone to this kind of facial pigmentation.

Another common condition is melasma which is hormonal and occurs almost solely in young women. It appears on the cheeks, nose, forehead and sometimes on the neck. Sometimes it happens during pregnancy because of the high estrogen levels or because of some contraceptive pills. The good news is that when the estrogen levels decrease, at the age of 40 +, “the onset of perimenopause” the situation is likely to get better. In some sunny countries half of the women will have melasma from a young age until their estrogen level declines.

Solar lentigo is also called liver spots and it is more common in people with fairer complexion, men and women alike. These kinds of spots occur at an older age in the body parts that were exposed to the sun all of these years: Face, hands, shoulders. This is one of the reasons why you should protect yourself from the sun even if your skin is clear for the time being.

Sometimes, skin pigmentation is caused by allergy. Some perfumes can cause hyperpigmentation together with the sun so it’s recommended to apply perfumes in parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun.

Beauty Fields hyperpigmentation skin care – instructions for use

OK, you’ve ordered this skin lightening product online.

So….  the soap arrived by mail, now what to do?

Here is a look at the what, when and how to use the soap and cream.

First, I want to repeat and say: Stay away from the sun when you want to treat hyperpigmentation or want to lighten your skin tone. Staying away from the sun is simply an absolute necessity. Protect your skin with a hat, long sleeve shirt, sun screen, sunshade or a parasol. You just can’t treat hyperpigmentation with one hand and damage it with the other.

Beauty Fields Hyperpigmentation soap

Who is it good for? – The soap is especially good for people with oily skin, acne prone skin, young skin and for people with normal skin who just want to even out their skin tone. The soap was designed for treating hyperpigmentation but many people told me it helped them with their acne.

Also a great alternative to face scrubs or peelings that are not recommended if you have a tendency to pigmentation because it causes inflammation that causes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. We do not want that.

The soap will take care of all these blackheads, whiteheads etc. without leaving a mark. as opposed to popping it.

How to use: Massage the soap into your skin until you see a foamy lather and wash. Do it once or twice a day. If your skin is very oily or you want to treat acne you can eave for 1-2 minutes. Afterwards, wash thoroughly and apply moisturizer if needed. Do not overdo it. Some people asked me if they can sleep with the soap on or just leave it for a few hours to make things go faster. Please don’t do it, as this will only dry out your face and not necessary.

At night, you can use our pigmentation cream if you need to boost the process or our blemish brightening cream if your skin needs a bit of a calm down.

When do I see results? After 2 weeks you will see a significant change in the look of your skin. The pigmentation though may still be visible. If you look for the spots, you will find them. After 2-3 months you will see the spots are practically gone.

Now you can lower the frequency and use the soap only every two days or less and see how it affects your skin. You know your skin best!

Beauty Fields skin lightening cream

Who is it good for?  Generally I think if you are over 40 the cream will suit you best. If you have dry skin the cream will be your best choice.

Again, if you intend to do a peeling or a scrub, please don’t! Use Beauty Fields A Natural Pigmentation soap instead and afterwards, if your skin is dry, apply Beauty Fields All Natural Blemish Brightening Cream.

This will take care of your face without damaging it.

How to use: Apply on your face half an hour before going to sleep. A little goes a long way and I don’t want you to waste my cream on your pillow.

When do I see results? – Just the same as with the soap. After 2 wees you will see a significant change. Keep going, until you’ve reached your goals and then try to apply it only once in 2 days for maintenance.

Beauty Fields Blemish Brightening cream

We believe that good skincare is all about balances. Your skin shouldn’t be too dry or too oily. Your skin should be just right!

So we believe that everyday you should look at your skin and gives it what it needs.

This cream is great for dry skin, some of you will need it in the winter more then the summer and some will need it after using the hyperpigmentation soap or cream we make.

The Blemish Brightening cream is all about calming and soothing the skin.

Also great as a night cream that gives this extra brightening effect.

So give it a go as a complementary cream to our pigmentation soap or cream or, if you are lucky to have the spots, just dryness and blemishes, you can use it as a moisturizer.

A word of encouragement

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition sometimes appears as early as the age of 20.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and just thought damn I look good today!?

Get ready for compliments after using  Beauty Fields all natural skin lightening products.

Research shows that dark spots make you look older more than wrinkles do.

And the good news is: Dark spots are a lot easier to treat than wrinkles.

So, treat yourself and look your best today!

If you have more questions about Beauty Fields skin pigmentation products please ask in the comments.

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