Addiction with essential oils

How to help treat addiction with essential oils – suggestions from the web:

Addiction can be very serious and is divided to addiction to substances like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and some kinds of medicines which are more seen and considered harder. I think severe cases may want to seek medical or social help but if you drink a glass of wine every evening and want to do it less often essential oils may help you.

There are also “lighter” substances, like coffee, sugar, food that do not have the stigma that alcohol and drugs have but are still hard to stop.

There is also behavioral addiction, like gaming, screens, social media, smartphones etc. That in some cases can be severe too. Gaming addiction is actually an official diagnose since 2018.

Addiction is sometimes difficult to be recognised even by family members of the addict because it’s OK to eat, drink alcohol. play computer games etc. The question is who controls who. Is this the centre of your life? Do you still have time for your kids, wife and family?