Blisters with essential oils

How to treat blisters with essential oils – suggestions from the web:

Blisters are small pockets full of fluid on the skin. The fluid is usually serum, this is the blood without the red blood cells and coagulation factors. When the skin is damaged blisters are formed in order to protect the skin and enable healing. Sometimes the blister can be full of blood or even get infected and be full of pus.

Blisters are quite common and happen after damage to the skin, burns, chemical damage (soap etc.) or diseases like chicken pox or impetigo.

It is not recommended to blow the blisters to avoid infection. If it blows up by itself, let the liquids drain and do not remove the upper skin.

When should you go to the doctor?

  1. Painful and infected blisters
  2. Blisters that do not heal or show up again and again
  3. Blisters near the eye or inside the mouth
  4. Blisters after exposure to dangerous chemicals.
  5. Blisters from burns or allergic reaction.