Burns with essential oils

How to treat burns with essential oils – suggestions from the web:

Some of the recipes here call for using base oils, you cab get away with it for very superficial burns. It’s much batter to use aloe vera gel as base in case of burns or a simple compress – 5 drops of essential oil in half a cup of water.

Oils are not good for burns because they can trap bacteria in the area and cause infection if the burn is still open or blistered.

What to do in case of a severe burn

Cover the area with a wet towel and keep it wet until you get to the emergency room.

What not to do in case of a severe burn

Do not apply ice, oil, sour cream or other dairy products, egg, toothpaste, butter, vaseline, olive oil or bandages that can stick to the skin. Also not anything else. Do not blow up blisters, they actually protect your skin.

When should I go to the doctor

  1. If the burn is painful for more than 48 hours.
  2. Large area.
  3. Sensitive body parts – Face, sex organs.
  4. Severe burns – 2nd degree burns with blisters can be treated at home if the are small but with 3rd degree burns go to the doctor immediately.

Kind of burns

1st degree – typica sun burns, redness, pain.

2nd degree – blisters, pain. Severe sun burns can be 2nd degree.

2rd degree – no pain, the skin is black and seriously burnt – keep cool with cold water (not ice) and go to the doctor.