Blood circulation with essential oils

How to treat circulation with essential oils – suggestions from the web:

Simple ways to improve circulation

  1. Move more – Try to not sit still for longer than an hour. Set the alarm clock if needed and shake/stretch or, if possible, dance every hour. Standing still is just as bad.
  2. Eat healthy – No surprises here, fruit and veggies are your friends, healthy fats too – avocado and nuts, seeds and seaweed are great. Chilli pepper and hot food is great for circulation and of course, lots of water.
  3. Heat – Warm bath, sauna. The brave among us can take an intermittent hat and cold shower for maximum effect.
  4. Massage – Deep tissue massage or any massage is great, self massage is also good, You can use the vibrating massage tools that you can find in shops.
  5. Stop smoking – Smoking isn’t only nad for your lungs, it’s aso bad for your circulation which affects your skin, brain and every part of your body.
  6. Relax – stress is not good for you and not for your blood circulation.

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