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All Natural, HandMade in New Zealand Hyperpigmentation Soap and Cream – A Safe and Easy way to even out your skin tone.

Natural Pigmentation Skincare

Happy Clients, Happy Us.

Happy Customer Pigmentation Skincare

Very happy customer My skin is so much more even and consistent in tone and looks so much brighter! I used to have dark patches around my chin which have lightened and I had patches on my cheeks which were different shades that are now almost gone!⁠
⁠ Overall I’m really happy and impressed with this product and I’ll continue to use the cream as part of my night routine

Happy Customer Pigmentation Soap

I ordered this product and saw results after using only 2 nights. I have bad pigmentation and didn’t want to use anything harsh on my skin – thank you to the lovely Tsahallah for your amazing pigmentation cream. I will definitely be promoting it to other women with the same skin conditions.

Happy Customer Pigmentation Cream

Am amazed by how well this skin lightening treatment works!!! I love that it is all natural. Have tried other products and they damage my skin and don’t lighten. Some contain very harsh chemicals. But this one works and give my skin a beautiful glow.

This Is What We Do Safely And Naturally


This Is What Is Going To Happen

Natural Hyperpigmentation Skincare NZ

How To Use And What To expect

Soap – Use daily as regular soap for face and body. Leave the lather on for 10 sec to a minute before rinsing. Apply Moisturizer if needed.
Cream – Use as a night cream. Apply 30 min or more before going to bed.
During the day – Sunscreen is strongly recommended to not sabbotage your efforts.
Results – If you use daily a significant change is expected after 2 weeks.

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Get fast, long lasting results in 2 weeks. See the magic happens. No need for painful and expensive chemical peelings or laser treatments. No need to develop long term relationships with your beauty therapist. Get a glowing skin at the privacy of your home. Nice, easy and to the point!

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