Athlete’s foot with essential oils

How to treat athlete’s foot with essential oils – suggestions from the web:

Some fungi facts

  1. Dermal fungi is caused by dermatophytes and is different from candida or vagina fungus. Dermatophytes can not survive in mucous tissues.
  2. Toenail fungus is very common, around 70% of adults will have it at least once.
  3. Sun fungus looks like brown and white spots on the skin. This fungi feeds on the sebum on the skin. This fungus is not itching and not contagious.
  4. Dermatophytes like warmth and moisture so they like the environment in the shoe. This is why toenail fungus is the most common fungi.

How to prevent athlete’s foot

  1. Keep your foot clean and dry.
  2. Dry your foot after shower, especially between the fingers. Talc can help.
  3. Jandals or open shoes are recommended.
  4. Rubber shoes in pubic showers and swimming pools.
  5. Change socks every day.
  6. Never wear socks or shoes from other people.
  7. Cotton socks are recommended.
  8. If you have dermal fungus in another part of your body, do not use the same towel for your feet.
  9. If the fungus is chronic consult with your pharmacist or use our natural fungus treatment.

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