Anti Fungal Natural Cream


Beauty Fields Toenail Fungus treatment – anti fungal balm 50ml

100% natural. Not tested on animals.

Handmade in New – Zealand

This unique balm combines in it very powerful all natural ingredients.



Beauty Fields all natural anti fungal balm 50ml

100% natural, not tested on animals toenail Fungus treatment.

Handmade in New – Zealand (by me).

Created for Toenail fungus and can treat skin fungus as well. Cut the nail as much as you can and apply the balm twice a day for a week. Cut the nail again and continue until you are satisfied. In most cases you would have to treat the whole foot and between the fingers for the first week.

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Toenail fungus – All the ins and outs

All you have to do is walk barefoot in the swimming pool, gym showers or step on a wet surface outside and you can join the club: toenail fungus. You can also get it in a beauty salon, especially during pedicure. You are not alone, 10-25% of adults have it. Some people are embarrassed about it with no reason. It is uncomfortable and need to be treated but it doesn’t say that your hygiene is poor. Can happen and actually happens to everyone and anyone.

This condition is more common in older people but occurs quite often in 20 or 30 years old. Diabetes and psoriasis are also risk factors and of course people who live with people who have toenail fungus and people who have it in the family have a higher chance to get it too.

What is toenail fungus?

Nail fungus is mainly a cosmetic issue. This fungi love darkness and dumpness, it won’t go from the nail to the blood or internal organs, no connections to candida albicans which is a different kind of fungal pathogen that can be found in the blood. It can infect the other nails and surrounding skin but in most cases, not further than this.

The fungal pathogens eat the keratin in the nail and make it brittle and change form and grow thicker, this can cause an ingrown nail which can be very painful and disturb functioning in simple day to day activities. At this point most people will seek treatment.

Our shoes are an absolute heaven habitat for fungi, damp, dark and not too clean. Just perfect!

Also the rub of our foot with the shoe causes miro-trauma to the nail and skin and makes it more susceptible for infection.

This is why nail fungi is more common in the foot, especially the toenail than in the fingernails.

Diagnosis and conventional treatment

Toenail fungus is usually self diagnosed. Not every yellow nail is infected by fungus. There are some other diagnoses for this condition but in many cases this disgnosis will be correct.

The doctor will send a sample of the nail to a lab test, especially before oral medicine is prescribed. It’s very important to know which pathogen causes the fungi in order to give the right medication.

Those medications can hurt the liver function temporarily and effect the gut flora. It’s important to cure the gut by eating fermented foods after this treatment.

Antifungal medications should be taken for a few months and blood tests for liver function should be done monthly.

There are also antifungal ointments and nail polishes used for this condition but usually only the oral treatment is the most effective.

After Toenail Fungus treatment

After toenail fungus treatment it takes around a year and a half for the toe to grow a new, white nail, half a year for fingernails. Knowing that you are susceptible for this infection it is recommended to be extra cautious – wear plastic shoes in public showers, wash socks in 60 degrees. If you have diabetes, this is your wake up call, treat it and keep your sugar levels balanced.

How to use Beauty Fields toenail fungus natural treatment

This unique balm combines in it only powerful all natural ingredients:

Tea Tree essential oil, Apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, beeswax and sunflower oil.

The fungus is under the toenail which is a quite problematic place to reach so it’s very important to cut your nails as much as you can before applying the cream. It can be painful though, the best time to do it is after a hot shower or a warm foot bath when the nails are soft.

It’s also very important to apply the cream to a of the foot and especially between the fingers and the other nails. The toenail is the most painful but usually the whole foot is infected.

When you start, apply 4 times a day for at least a month or longer. Untill the fungus is gone and continue twice a day for at least a month afterwards. Fungi is in general very strong and the spores are staying on the skin, a-symptomatic, just waiting for the opportunity to grow fungus again so it’s important to make sure everything is gone.

After this keep the balm with you and apply once a week or when you feel or you think you feel some kind of itch, remember, do not let the fungi come back!

That’s it!

You must give it a try.

All Natural, Not tested on animals.

Beauty Fields is a registered company in New Zealand.

External use only.



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