Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Carrot Seed Essential Oil (Daucus carota)

Scent – Earthy, Sweet, Woody

Extraction Method – Steam Distilled

Plant Part – Dried Seeds

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil (Daucus carota)

Carrot seed essential oil is rich in carotene and vitamin A, both strong antioxidants. Great for skin care because it stimulates the growth of new cells and tissues. You can add a few drops to your moisturiser, body cream or lotion, mix well.

Scent – Earthy, Sweet, Woody.

Extraction Method – Steam Distilled from the dries seeds.

Note – middle.

Colour – clear.

Properties: calming, restorative, supportive, antimicrobial.

Chakra: Solar plexus.

Caution: Generally safe.

Blend well with: bergamot, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, cedarwood and geranium.

This oil should not be confused with carrot base oil.

Easy uses of carrot seed essential oil

Easy sleep – Equal parts of lavender and carrot seed oil on your pillow or in the diffuser.

Stress away – take a bath with 2 drops carrot seed oil and 4 drops rose geranium.

Stomachache – mix 2 drops fennel and 3 drops grapefruit and carrot seed oil in a tablespoon of base oil and massage clockwise on the abdomen.

Dry mature skin – add 2 drops rose essential oil and 4 drops frankincense and carrot seed oils to 20 ml of your favourite moistirizer.

Spiritual carrot seed

Helps to clean negative emotions and assists letting to of the past. Warm and supportive, promotes inner pease and a feeling of security.

100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil suitable for use by therapists and in making cosmetics, candles and soaps and for the home e.g. in oils burners, diffusers, saunas, aromatherapy, adding to the bath, etc.

External use only.

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